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Why Project Management?

Project Management isn’t just about keeping projects on track. It’s about driving your tech projects to their utmost potential.

Here’s why it matters:

  • Boost in Success Rates: The Project Management Institute reports that 71% of organizations observe project management as a cultural norm see their projects meet original goals and business intent (PMI.org).
  • Enhanced Resource Optimization: A study by the Standish Group highlights that effective project management leads to a 33% decrease in project failures and a 25% increase in project completions within budget (StandishGroup.com).
  • Increased ROI: According to the Association for Project Management, organizations that align their business strategy with project
    management report 38% more successful project outcomes and a 33% fewer project failures (APM.org.uk).

Who We Are

 We specialize in offering comprehensive project management services tailored to the dynamic world of technology. Our suite of services includes Project and Program Management, PMO (Project Management Office) Development and Evaluation, and Project Management Coaching/Staffing.

The Tech Collective services:

Project and Program Management:

Our Project and Program Management services have been shown to increase project success rates by up to 29% as per PMI’s findings (PMI.org). We specialize in steering complex tech projects to successful completion, ensuring alignment with your strategic objectives and industry best practices.

PMO Development and Evaluation:

Establishing a PMO with our guidance can lead to a 33% reduction in project failures, as highlighted by the Standish Group (StandishGroup.com). Our PMO Development and Evaluation service is designed to optimize project governance, enhance resource management, and improve overall project delivery effectiveness.

Project Management Coaching:

By implementing our Project Management Coaching, organizations can expect a significant boost in team performance and project delivery quality. This is supported by APM’s research, showing that effective project management coaching can enhance project success rates by up to 34% (APM.org.uk).

Each service is tailored to meet the unique challenges and demands of the technology industry, offering senior leaders a strategic edge in project execution and management.

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