Cyber Insurance Assessment


Are you ready for a cyber event? What’s your plan? Does your organization have enough coverage? How about the right coverage?

Understand your risk & exposure when a bad actor attacks


The Tech Collective’s CARE report provides you the information to understand your financial risk when a cyber incident occurs.

It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN… Is your team ready?

According to the FBI, cybersecurity complains continue to grow. Since 2019, the number of attacks have increased from 460,000 in 2019 to over 850,000 in 2024. These cyber attacks can be debilitating for an organization, often leaving the organization paralyzed for weeks if not months while recovery to normal operations is in flight.

With the increased grow of incidents in the US, its important that businesses understand their risk and financial exposure when an issue occurs. That’s where The Tech Collective steps in with our CARE Report.

Cyberinsurance Assessment & Risk Evaluation (CARE)

At The Tech Collective, our advisors have 15 years in the cyber insurance space.  Our advisement package includes the follow benefits

Our Advisors partner with our client and their Insurance Broker assisting with the complexity of the cyber insurance application resulting in the best and proper coverage for our client. 

Customers client contract review for insurance compliance, and security standards. Understanding what is required vs. what is needed.

We make sure that our client’s coverages are written specifically for their needs. Compliance is necessary, proper coverages are mandatory to assure this highest level of survivability in the event of a crisis event.

64% of Americans don’t know what to do after a data breach – do you?

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